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Facts & Figures 

Community development financial institutions (CDFIs) work every day to provide individuals, families, and neighborhoods with the access to critical capital and resources to join the economic mainstream. These private mission-driven organizations are dedicated to delivering responsible, affordable capital to disinvested communities. They leverage funding from private and public sources, including the Department of Treasury's CDFI Fund, to create opportunity in communities across the country. CDFIs are uniquely positioned to deliver vital capital where it can have the most impact. As the largest national network of CDFIs, the Opportunity Finance Network (OFN), leads CDFIs to achieve opportunity for all. 

  • OFN serves as a qualified issuer for the U.S. Treasury Department's Bond Guarantee Program. In 2016, Congress allocated $750 million in guarantee authority. OFN  requests $1 billion for 2017. In 2015, OFN broke new ground with a first-of-its kind multi-party bond issuance that allowed CDFIs with smaller assets to participate. 
  • Small businesses are some of our nation's most critical economic drivers. OFN is committed to helping small business owners create much-needed jobs in their communities. To date, CDFIs have helped entrepreneurs start or expand 143,000 small businesses and create or maintain  934,00 jobs. 
  • Having safe, quality housing should be a basic right. CDFIS have financed 1.5 million housing units un disinvested communities across the country.  
  • OFN Members finance opportunities in areas where they can have the most impact. Rural communities often face unique challenges to accessing capital. CDFIs in these areas have the local knowledge and experience necessary to strengthen these neighborhoods.  

For the latest CDFI news, visit the OFN blog. Check out @OppFinance on Twitter for real-time updates. For media inquiries, contact Lina Page.

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