Staying Connected on Policy: CRA Modernization
Issue Date: 2009-05-20

Participants in this call heard about a recent bill proposing to update the Community Reinvestment Act. OFN’s Jennifer Vasiloff provided a summary of the bill’s main provisions and prospects. Attendees also heard legislative updates and discussed other initiatives aimed at increasing bank investment in CDFIs and communities.

Market Conditions
Issue Date: 2009-05-06

Calvin Holmes, Vice Chair of the OFN Board and Chair of the Board's Market Conditions Committee, led a discussion on what CDFIs are experiencing under current market conditions and how they are responding. Following a brief presentation of findings from OFN's 4th Quarter 2008 CDFI Market Conditions Report, OFN Members discussed risk management (stress tests, loan reviews, collateral valuation), investor covenants, and a few bright spots (individual donors, regional economies, and stimulus funding).

Staying Connected on Policy: The Capital Magnet Fund
Issue Date: 2009-04-16

OFN Members heard updates on key policy issues and discussed the shape of the Capital Magnet Fund and the CDFI Fund, sharing ideas for OFN's advocacy on these key programs.

Good to Great 2009
Issue Date: 2009-04-01

Mark Pinsky continued the discussion on Good to Great and the opportunity finance industry. Ronda Kotelchuck and Michael Rosen of Primary Care Development Corporation explained how they are using Good to Great in their current strategic planning process. The discussion covered what Members got out of the Conference plenary session with Jim Collins and how they are applying it to their organizations today.

Staying Connected on Policy: The CDFI Fund and the Stimulus
Issue Date: 2009-03-19

Cheryl Neas of OFN led a discussion about the CDFI Fund’s plans to distribute the funding it received in economic stimulus legislation, answering Member questions about amending current applications and submitting new ones. The conversation also began with a comprehensive update of all OFN’s advocacy work, and concluded with information about an upcoming review of the Fund’s application forms.

Reporting Consumer Credit to the Credit Bureaus
Issue Date: 2008-11-18

Kristi Coker, Executive Director of Citizen Potawatomi CDC, Cindy Logsdon, Assistant Director of CPCDC, and Vikki Frank, Executive Director of Credit Builders Alliance discuss the benefits of reporting consumer credit to the credit bureaus. Not only does reporting help clients improve their credit scores, it can also help strengthen a CDFI's portfolio quality. Learn how Credit Builders Alliance is helping OFN members and other entities report to the major credit bureaus, how CDFIs are reporting business loans, and more.

Good to Great 2008
Issue Date: 2008-10-28

Mark Pinsky, OFN President and CEO, talked about what to expect from Jim Collins at the 2008 OFN Conference. Mark described how OFN is applying Collin's good to great principals in our planning process, and how we have been working to develop our own hedgehog concept. Several participants offered examples of how they or others are finding great value in applying these principals to their own organizations.

Portfolio Review and New Risk Calculations
Issue Date: 2008-10-07

Nancy Andrews, Executive Director of LIIF, and Howard Banker, OFN’s Chief Lending & Investment Officer led a Member discussion on how CDFIs are managing portfolio risk in this economic environment. Nancy summarized the extensive portfolio review LIIF undertook as well as several other changes LIIF has made. Nancy and the participants discussed important portfolio risk topics including, the connection between loan-to-values and delinquencies, asset and liability matching and working with consultants to look into loans and to provide staffs with more financial training.

Housing and Economic Recovery Act
Issue Date: 2008-10-03

Sandra Kerr, OFN's Executive Vice President for Policy and Nancy Andrews, Executive Director of LIIF provided an absorbing and detailed summary and answered questions about the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008 while focusing on the provisions that affected CDFIs. Topics that were highlighted included the new Housing Trust Fund, Capital Magnet Fund, the HOPE for Homeownership Program and how changes in the current financial environment will affect the Act. Further discussion focused on CDFIs joining the Federal Home Loan Banks, and Low Income Housing Tax Credit and the New Markets Tax Credit. Click here for a summary of the new law as it pertains to CDFIs.

Innovation Guide: ACCION Texas: Automated Risk Rating and Integrated Portfolio Management
Issue Date: 2008-06-25

Gary Lindner, COO and Gustavo Lasala, CFO of Wachovia NEXT Awards winner ACCION Texas led a discussion on the OFN Innovation Guide, “ACCION Texas: Automated Risk Rating and Integrated Portfolio Management”. They discussed the innovative integrated application and loan management system that they developed. They are using this to manage their own lending, but are also successfully marketing it to other Microenterprise funds, creating a whole new business line. Participants, who called in either to find out about using the tool or just to obtain more information, had many questions for Gary and Gustavo. Questions covered topics such as how the tool has helped ACCION Texas, how other users have liked it, and how the process works with ACCION Texas and the subscribing CDFI.


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