Create Jobs for USA Update Call
Issue Date: 2012-04-03

Mark Pinsky lead this Staying Connected call which focused on the latest developments of the Create Jobs for USA initiative.

Loan Management and Other Software
Issue Date: 2012-03-14

In this call, we will be discussing business lenders’ responses in OFN’s recently published survey, What’s in Your Technology Toolbox? A Summary of Loan Management, Accounting, Outcomes/Outputs Tracking, and Client Relationship Management Software Used by CDFIs. While the report shows that many small business lenders are not fully satisfied with their current software, our discussion will center on the positive experiences of two CDFIs, both of whom are partners in the CDFI Small Business Growth Collaborative. The software being discussed is Harland’s SPARAK and Salesforce.com and the topics of conversation will be wide ranging; including automation functions, customized reporting, integration features, plus many more. Join other business lending OFN Members to discuss your experiences—good and bad—with the software that your CDFI is using. This call should be attended by staff members that use your Loan Management, Accounting, Outcomes/Outputs Tracking, and/or Client Relationship Management software daily. Download the accompanying presentation.

CDFIs v2.0: The Vision of a New Generation
Issue Date: 2012-02-22

Calling all young professionals in the industry (and those interested in shaping the future of the CDFI sector)! This month’s Staying Connected call will launch the release of CDFIs v2.0: The Vision of a New Generation—a document created by 26 emerging leaders in the industry. Learn about the group’s five recommendations to strengthen the industry moving forward. Join OFN members in brainstorming how to move these recommendations from idea to action. The call will be lead by Pam Porter, EVP of Strategic Consulting at OFN, and a group of young leaders who contributed to the document including: Alex Dang from Opportunity Fund, Tammie C. Hoy from the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, Gustavo F. Lasala from Progreso Financiero, James Yagley from the FDIC, and Ian Galloway from the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, among others.Download the CDFIs v2.0: The Vision of a New Generation document.

President’s Budget and OFN’s Policy Priorities
Issue Date: 2012-02-22

The annual appropriations process kicks off with the release of the President’s budget proposal in mid-February. Hear about proposed FY2013 spending for the CDFI Fund as well as other programs important to the CDFI industry, and about OFN’s policy work for 2012.Download the accompanying presentation.

CDFIs and State Legislation
Issue Date: 2012-01-11

CDFIs in a number of states have actively engaged in the legislative process at the state level, proposing and/or advocating for state legislation that is beneficial to CDFIs and the clients they serve. Learn how OFN Members are engaging in policy at the state-level, the successes they’ve had, and how they’ve gone about it. Discuss ways to make state-level advocacy efforts more effective, including how to get all the CDFIs in your state on board with your efforts. Donna Fabiani, OFN will lead the call with Salli Martiniak, Forward Community Investments, and Gary Lindner, PeopeFund.

Staying Connected on Create Jobs for USA
Issue Date: 2011-12-20

On Tuesday, December 20th, at 1pm Eastern, Mark Pinsky held a call for OFN Members to give an update on Create Jobs for USA. More than 80 OFN Members have already applied to the program. Including the 25 awards we announced this week, 53 have been awarded capital grants. This call updated awardees, applicants, and Members who are still thinking about applying on the status of donations, the awards process, and publicity efforts.

Year-End Wrap-Up and 2012 CDFI Fund Program
Issue Date: 2011-12-14

As the year comes to a close, so does the application period for the CDFI Fund's FY2012 program. Hear where key initiatives stand as Congress heads home in December, and share feedback about the CDFI Fund application.

Small Business Lending Fund Debrief
Issue Date: 2011-10-20

Creation of the Small Business Lending Fund was one of OFN’s 2010 policy successes. We worked closely with Treasury in 2011 in implementation of the program, and plan further conversation that can inform Treasury’s future work with CDFIs, including on the CDFI Bond Guarantee Program. Share your feedback—positive, negative, or in-between—on applying for, closing, and using this funding.

Fall Policy Update: Appropriations, CDFI Bond Guarantee Program Regulations, and More
Issue Date: 2011-09-22

September and October bring a flurry of activity in Congress and the Administration. Participants heard updates and shared news about appropriations, the Small Business Landing Fund, Healthy Foods Financing, and the CDFI Bond Guarantee Program.

Market Conditions Q2 2011
Issue Date: 2011-09-07

Following a brief presentation of the findings from OFN's Second Quarter 2011 CDFI Market Conditions Survey, Donna Fabiani and Kristi Bias, Chair, OFN Board Market Conditions Committee, will lead a discussion on what CDFIs are experiencing under current market conditions and how they are responding.


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