NEXT Awards Applicant Information Calls
Issue Date: 2013-02-07

If you are considering applying for the 2013 NEXT Opportunity Award or the NEXT Seed Capital Award, this call includes valuable information including how to determine which award may be appropriate for your CDFI, more about the timeline and streamlined application process, and information on the eligibility and selection criteria.

Underwriting Energy Efficiency Loans for Commercial, Community Facilities, and Mixed Use Real Estate 101
Issue Date: 2013-01-29

Robert G. Sanders, Robert Sanders Associates, Clean Energy / Community Development discusses what information is needed to adequately underwrite an energy efficiency commercial loan, as well as explores different ways to establish baseline and projected energy savings for occupied and unoccupied existing buildings and new construction; identifies special energy-related loan conditions to help ensure that expected energy outcomes are achieved; discusses what the impact of projected energy cost savings will have on the credit analysis (e.g., DSC ratio, real estate appraised value); and suggests an effective application and underwriting process for energy efficiency commercial loans. Click here to view the PowerPoint presentation.

Energy Efficiency Measurement and Analysis
Issue Date: 2012-12-11

Utility expense can account for a third of a building’s operating budget. It is often the single biggest line item and the most unpredictable. Understanding a building’s energy performance traditionally has been a daunting task of time-consuming gathering of utility bills, tedious data entry, and unwieldy spreadsheets. Such obstacles have resulted in inconsistent and error-prone analysis. Recently, a number of software products have emerged to simply this process and provide automated utility tracking and building performance benchmarking. Two of the leading platforms in the market, WegoWise and EnergyScoreCards, demonstrate their respective products and show you how utility analysis can uncover savings opportunities in your existing properties or in plans for new construction.

CDFI Response to Disasters
Issue Date: 2012-11-27

Superstorm Sandy caused significant damage along the East Coast, particularly in New Jersey and New York. CDFIs will play a vital role in helping to support the recovery in communities that were affected by the storm. This 90 minute call will highlight some of the efforts that New York and New Jersey CDFIs are undertaking in the wake of Sandy. CDFIs that have experience responding to hurricane and flood disasters in the Gulf, Tennessee, and Vermont will provide feedback and lessons learned. This call will allow the CDFI community to discuss the challenges and opportunities that result from disasters such as Superstorm Sandy.

Partnerships for Energy Efficiency Lending
Issue Date: 2012-11-13

Effective energy efficiency lending requires an array of skills and knowledge about which improvements will deliver the most energy efficiency improvements for the least cost and how to structure the loans in a way that works for the customer and the CDFI. In this webinar we will hear Jack Markowski, President & CEO of Community Investment Corporation, and Anne Evens, Director of CNT Energy, describe their successful Energy Savers partnership that has reduced energy costs by 30% in over 9,500 affordable apartments in the Chicago Metro area. This innovative partnership combines the lending expertise of a CDFI and energy efficiency expertise of a nonprofit energy organization to deliver a one-stop shop for multifamily building owners. Hear how each organization has leveraged its relationships and knowledge to reach more customers and improve the rate of property owners making energy improvements after an energy assessment. Click here to view the presentation.

Triple Bottom Line Tool
Issue Date: 2012-11-08

This call included an overview by Dr. Janet Hammer, Program Director of Portland State University's Initiative on Triple Bottom Line Development, as well as comments from Keith Bisson, Coastal Enterprise, Inc. and Alan Okagaki, Craft3. Access the TBL Tool at http://www.tbltool.org/. Begin with the overview video posted on the home page and the section titled Using the Tool provided in the User's Guide, then, take the TBL Tool for a test drive and provide feedback in the brief on-line survey.

Create Jobs for USA Update
Issue Date: 2012-08-30

Listen to a Create Jobs for USA Update Call led by Mark Pinsky of OFN on August 30, 2012. Hear about the new announcement and provide some idea of what to expect going forward as well as other updates.

FY2013 CDFI Fund Appropriations
Issue Date: 2012-06-15

In June Congress took action on CDFI Fund appropriations. Participants heard about the latest development on that front as well as about the status of other key programs for CDFIs.

Risk Rating Systems for Small Business CDFIs
Issue Date: 2012-05-30

An internal risk rating system is a key component in the overall credit risk management of a small business loan portfolio. Donna Nails, author of the new OFN TA Memo, Risk Rating Systems for Small Business CDFIs, will lead this call. Ms. Nails will explain what a Risk Rating System is and the benefits of using a Risk Rating System, and will discuss examples of how two OFN Member CDFIs developed and use their risk rating systems for monitoring portfolio risk and for assessing their loan loss reserves. Ms. Nails will be joined by the three individuals who contributed to the TA Memo: Clint Gwyn of Pathway Lending, Roni Monteith of Craft3, and Tom Washburn of Alexander, Aronson, Finning & Co., P.C.The Risk Rating Systems TA Memo and the Staying Connected on Small Business call series are made possible by the generous support of Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses.

Green Finance Fund/United States Green Building Council (USGBC)
Issue Date: 2012-04-25

This call discussed OFN's new Green Finance Fund, which encourages energy efficiency improvements to older buildings. Wanda Speight, EVP Financial Services for OFN will be outlining the specifics of the Green Finance Fund. Also, OFN and the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) have agreed to a dual Membership, which allows for OFN Members to have access to certain USGBC benefits for free or a discounted price. Beth Holst, VP Strategic Alliances for USGBC will provide an overview of USGBC and some of the benefits OFN Members will receive. Download the accompanying presentation.


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