CDFI Fund FY2014 Application
Issue Date: 2013-12-04

The call focused on the FY 2014 CDFI Program Notice of Funds Availability. You can hear more about the changes, compare notes with other CDFIs, and share any concerns you have about the new application.

Payday Lending in America
Issue Date: 2013-11-19

Learn about The Pew Charitable Trusts’ multiyear research project on Payday Lending in America. This project answers fundamental questions about payday loan borrowers and the marketplace, demonstrates that payday loans are unaffordable for most, answers questions about the borrower experience, and discusses the safeguards that are necessary to create successful small-dollar loan markets. Nick Bourke and Alex Horowitz from The Pew Charitable Trusts lead the discussion.  Click here to view the presentation.

B Impact Assessment: A New Tool for Measuring the Impact of Your Business Clients
Issue Date: 2013-09-25

B Lab has created a tool for businesses to measure their impact on society and the environment. The B Impact Assessment helps business owners assess, compare, and improve their impact: www.bimpactassessment.net. On this webinar you’ll learn about the tool, the hundreds of businesses that are using it, and how it might be useful to you and your business clients. Click here to download the presentation.

Financing Farmers of Color
Issue Date: 2013-09-05

This Staying Connected call focuses on a niche within a niche. Food production is one segment of Healthy Food Financing. Within food production are farmers of color. We know that some CDFIs are already targeting this specific market while others may be financing farmers or communities of color but not both. This call is to explore who’s active in this space and who might be interested in getting into it. For those already serving this market, we’d like to hear about your experience: what are the specific needs of your clients? Do you see any unique challenges or opportunities when serving this market? What would you need to increase your involvement? Susan Cocciarelli of Michigan State University’s Center for Regional Food Systems led the discussion. She is conducting research on minority farmers’ access to capital and is keenly interested in CDFIs’ involvement.

CDFI Bond Guarantee Update
Issue Date: 2013-07-25

Learn what's new with the Bond Guarantee Program, what OFN has garnered from its role as Qualified Issuer and Guarantee applicant, what this news means for the CDFI Industry, and what CDFIs can do to prepare for 2014 applications.

CDFI Bond Guarantee Program
Issue Date: 2013-06-27

Details surrounding the CDFI Bond Guarantee Program are coalescing at a rapid pace. As a driving force behind the creation and design of the program, Opportunity Finance Network is leading the effort to make the most of this affordable, long term capital source. Listen to this Staying Connected call for an update on the program and an overview of OFN's going-forward plans as a participant. This is a timely opportunity to learn whether to participate in 2013 and how to engage for 2014.

State Clean Energy Funds and CDFIs
Issue Date: 2013-06-25

State Clean Energy Funds have an independent and self-replenishing source of equity, subordinated financing, subsidy and credit enhancement for CD projects that involve clean energy and efficiency measures. This session will cover a number of specific CDFI/State CEF collaborations with lessons learned. Lewis Milford, Clean Energy Group discussed a regional approach to CDFI/state CEF partnerships that is being piloted in the northern New England states. Adam Zimmerman, Craft3 discussed the “MPower” model for financing efficiency retrofits of multifamily housing with incentives and technical services from the Energy Trust of Oregon and innovative financing from Craft3. DeWitt Jones, Boston Community Capital discussed their longstanding partnership with the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center and its predecessor, the Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust. Click here to view the presentations.

CDFI Recertification
Issue Date: 2013-06-13

The CDFI Fund has recently issued additional guidance on the recertification process. The new FAQ clarifies that, in most cases, CDFIs will not immediately lose certification but will in many cases be able to enter a “cure period” of up to six months to correct any deficiencies in or questions about the application. Contractors hired by the CDFI Fund have also been contacting CDFIs for additional information or clarification. While recertification has been challenging for the industry, steps like these indicate that the CDFI Fund does not intend to make certification decisions without careful review. You can learn more about the Fund’s new guidance here.

Single Family Energy Efficiency Lending
Issue Date: 2013-05-22

Learn how two leading CDFIs are tackling the single family energy efficiency market with two very different approaches. Since 1979, the Connecticut Housing Investment Fund (CHIF) has made over $100 million in loans directly to homeowners for energy efficiency improvements. Since 2009, Craft3 has made over $32 million in home energy improvement loans in partnership with utility companies. Click here to view the presentations.

Underwriting Multi-family Energy Efficiency Projects
Issue Date: 2013-04-16

Is your CDFI interested in supporting energy efficiency and cost control in affordable multi-family buildings? Listen to this webinar to hear how Enterprise Community Partners is meeting the challenges of underwriting these transactions. Click here to view the presentation.


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