Past Programs

  • Our programs help CDFIs increase their impact and bring opportunity

  • to low-income, disinvested communities.

Past Programs

OFN’s past programs showcase the breadth of work OFN and the CDFI industry does to create opportunity. For all.

Create Jobs for USA: A three-year partnership among OFN and Starbucks, Create Jobs for USA leveraged the power of CDFIs to address the U.S. jobs crisis and help put people back to work.

Energy Efficiency Financing: OFN and Bank of America teamed to launch a capacity building initiative to help CDFIs improve and expand their energy efficiency financing programs.

Growing Microfinance to Scale: OFN and Capital One partnered to help CDFIs grow their microfinance portfolios to scale.

Nurturing Healthy Food Financing: Supported by the CDFI Fund’s Capacity Building Initiative, OFN offered training for CDFIs to successfully finance food-related businesses—from production, to distribution, to retail.

Strengthening Small & Emerging CDFIs: OFN partnered with industry experts—including The Center for Social Innovation and Finance at the Carsey Institute of the University of New Hampshire, Consulting for Change, and The Support Center—to develop and deliver trainings and technical assistance for small and emerging CDFIs serving regions of persistent poverty.

Citi Leadership Program for Opportunity Finance: This industry-wide talent development initiative was designed to nurture new, rising, and existing leadership in the CDFI industry.

Expanding CDFI Coverage in Underserved Areas: In partnership with the CDFI Fund, the capacity building initiative provided training and technical assistance to certified and emerging CDFI seeking to expand their reach into underserved communities that currently lack a CDFI presence. 

Financing Community Health Centers: In partnership with the CDFI Fund, this initiative was designed to help CDFIs develop skills to successfully finance community health centers in medically underserved markets.

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