• OFN works with business leaders who share the mission

  • to align capital with social, economic, and political justice.

As the pre-eminent national network of CDFIs, OFN works closely with business leaders who share our commitment to invest in opportunities that benefit disinvested communities across America.

Who works with OFN?

  • Banks
  • Corporations
  • Faith-based investors
  • Foundations
  • Government agencies
  • Individual investors
  • Socially responsible investors

Why work with OFN?

When you work with OFN, you are working with a leader in the opportunity finance field, whose members are performance- and impact-oriented. OFN Members finance community businesses, spark job growth in the areas that need it most, and deliver both sound financial returns and real changes for people and communities.

How can you work with OFN?

Convenings: OFN delivers signature events that bring together the brightest practitioners, funders, vendors, and more to empower and engage the entire industry. Sponsorships and exhibition opportunities are available for the following:

Strategic Initiatives: OFN acts as a trusted advisor for investments, awards programs, and more to help you achieve specific organizational goals in the communities we serve. Examples of programs include:

Training and Capacity Building Programs: Our partners rely on OFN’s domain expertise to deliver multi-faceted training and technical assistance programs for CDFIs. Recent examples include:

Consulting Services: Many of the nation's largest banks, corporations, and foundations, as well as government agencies and other socially-responsible investors, engage us to help them design, launch, or grow CDFI investment strategies, products, and programs.

Contact Us

  • For partnership opportunities and sponsorship, contact Amanda Joseph, Vice President, Development, 215.320.4323
  • For Strategic Initiatives, contact Beth Lipson, Executive Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, 215.320.4315
  • For Training, Capacity Building Programs, or Investor Consulting Services, contact Pam Porter, Executive Vice President, Strategic Consulting, at 215.320.4303

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