A Northwest Native Success Story

  • Two sisters get a $300,000 CDFI loan to

  • expand their natural bath-products business.

When Monica Gutierrez-Simeon and Marina Gutierrez-TurningRobe tried to get a loan in 2011
to expand Sister Sky, their natural bath-products business, they were turned down.

Craft3―an Oregon- and Washington-based CDFI―stepped into the void with a
$300,000 loan that helped the sisters capitalize on an upgraded business plan
and push their products into regional casinos and hotels. 

They had a strong following already after two years of business built around
high-quality products infused with herbs and informed by Native tradition. The
Spokane-based company touts itself as the maker of the only personal-care
product line approved by the Intertribal Agriculture Council to use the phrase "Made
by American Indians.” But their market wasn’t as big as it could have been, and
a loan gave them the lift they needed to expand. 

The result is in line with Craft3’s core mission: To strengthen economic, ecological, and family resilience in Pacific Northwest communities.

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