CDFI Coverage Map

  • The Coverage Map shows where CDFIs are working

  • and the growth of a movement.

OFN is committed to helping CDFIs and their partners expand their coverage so that all communities have access to the types of affordable, responsible financial products and services they need.

An important piece of this work is development of OFN’s CDFI Coverage Map. This map will help measure CDFI coverage—where CDFIs are located, where they are providing financing and other services, which financing sectors they are serving, and how these change over time. The CDFI Coverage Map is built on the PolicyMap platform, a powerful mapping software created by Reinvestment Fund, an OFN Member CDFI. This valuable information can inform:

  • CDFI industry expansion strategies;
  • Policy interventions based on market need and capacity; and
  • Lenders and investors seeking to maximize the use of their resources.

On the CDFI Coverage Map, you can:

  • View both individual loans and aggregated loan data on CDFI lending since 2010. As of September 2015, the map includes data from 98 CDFIs. OFN will update the map quarterly with loan data from additional CDFIs;
  • Add data layers such as race and ethnicity, income, and unemployment to see how these overlap with CDFI lending;
  • View site-level data such as financing sector of individual CDFI loans, locations of U.S. Treasury certified CDFIs, and locations of OFN Member CDFIs; and
  • Zoom in on specific counties, zip codes, Congressional districts, and even census tracts.

View this brief user guide to help you get started using the map. We recommend using the CDFI Coverage Map in Firefox or Chrome.

Get on the Map! If you are a CDFI, we invite you to get on the map! Download this template and use it to send your loan-level data to Chris Bell at

The CDFI Coverage Map is a work in progress. With more CDFI participation, the map will better reflect CDFI coverage across the country.

Questions? Feedback? Email Chris or call 215-320-4339.

Development of the Coverage Map was generously supported by Citi.

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