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    Accion, the U.S. Network Ally Type: Organization
    New York, NY

    Accion, the U.S. Network

    Contact Name: Gina Harman
    Phone Number: 202.750.0859
    Category: CDFI
    Website: https://us.accion.org

    Services Offered:


    Accion creates economic opportunity by partnering with small business owners to provide access to capital and business support to grow healthy enterprises and contribute to thriving local economies. We are a nationwide network of mission-based lenders combining deep local knowledge with cutting-edge lending solutions and unmatched personalized advising. We serve small businesses anywhere in the U.S. through four independent, regional community development financial institutions (CDFIs) and a national office that invests in innovation, technology and information sharing to benefit the entire network. Since 1991, Accion has lent over $491 million to more than 57,000 businesses and provided more than 500,000 entrepreneurs with advising services. As a result, these businesses have collectively generated and sustained more than 22,000 jobs in communities across the U.S. Globally, for more than 50 years Accion has helped over 90 partners serve the financial needs of tens of millions of people in 40 countries. For more information on Accion small business loans in the United States, please visit https://us.accion.org.

    Adelante Fund Ally Type: Organization
    San Francisco, CA

    Adelante Fund

    Contact Name: Nathanial Owen
    Phone Number: 415-282-3334
    Category: CDFI
    Website: http://medasf.org/programs/adelante-fund-mission-community-loans-small-business-loans-san-francisco/

    Services Offered:

    Adelante Fund - an extension of MEDA - offers loans of up to $100,000 to San Francisco Bay Area small-business owners. All loan recipients receive pre- and post-loan closing technical assistance from our Business Development Program, offered in English and Spanish. By supporting our borrowers with business coaching, we are able to consider small-business owners who are often deemed high risk by other microlenders. Ultimately, these small-business owners create jobs within San Francisco’s lower-income communities. Our loans can be used for any legitimate business purpose: startups, supplies and inventory, equipment, lease improvements, vehicles, purchasing a business, business debt consolidation and working capital.

    • We offer fixed-rate term loans that range from $5,000 to $100,000. Our loan products are offered in combination with our business coaching. It is one combined product. We offer our coaching and the loans in English and Spanish.
    • We charge 7–9% interest, which is far lower than credit card rates or other non-bank lenders, and is also competitive with many banks.
    • We offer 3-year and 5-year terms, and there is no prepayment penalty.
    • All loans are reported to the credit bureaus. So, you will be able to build credit with our loans.
    • There is no cost to apply.
    • ITIN holders are encouraged to apply.
    • Our most important approval criterion is establishing that you have the capacity to repay the loan.
    • We do not have a minimum credit score, although your credit history will be considered.


    Adelante Fund provides access to capital to small-business owners who cannot get a loan at a traditional bank in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our service area includes the nine Bay Area counties: Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano and Sonoma.

    Adrian Dominican Sisters Ally Type: Organization
    Adrian, MI

    Adrian Dominican Sisters

    Contact Name: Kris Cooper
    Phone Number: 517-266-3400
    Category: Other
    Website: http://www.adriandominicans.org/

    Services Offered:


    Aeris Ally Type: Organization
    Philadelphia, PA


    Contact Name: Paige Chapel
    Phone Number: 267-233-5150
    Category: Service Provider
    Website: http://aerisinsight.com/

    Services Offered:

    Aeris provides ratings, data, and consulting that support investment in underserved places and people. Learn more at: http://aerisinsight.com/products/


    • Aeris Rating Reports draw on Aeris’ deep expertise and leverage its proprietary system for assessing CDFI impact and financial performance, risk, and mitigants.


    • Aeris Performance Maps provide access to real-time, GAAP-compliant financials, impact performance data, and all the tables and graphs from Aeris Ratings Reports. Aeris Explorer is the industry's first web-based CDFI analytics tool.


    • Aeris consultants create and apply custom financial and impact assessment tools, perform entity- and fund-level risk analyses, provide training on investment underwriting for CDFIs and other impact investments, and a wide range of other services.


    Aeris guides capital to good. Since 2004, the nation’s leading community investors have used Aeris’ ratings, data, and consulting to evaluate opportunities that meet their impact goals and risk parameters. Aeris’ clients range from large financial institutions, to mission-driven charitable foundations, to government, to private wealth managers, and more. Learn more at www.aerisinsight.com.

    Appalachian Community Capital Ally Type: Organization
    Christiansburg, VA

    Appalachian Community Capital

    Contact Name: Donna Gambrell
    Phone Number: (202) 547-5155
    Category: CDFI
    Website: http://www.appalachiancommunitycapitalcdfi.org/

    Services Offered:


    ASSETS Ally Type: Organization
    Lancaster, PA


    Contact Name: Jessica King
    Phone Number: 717-393-6089
    Category: Nonprofit
    Website: https://assetspa.org/

    Services Offered:

    Our focus is on supporting businesses that provide self-employment income and social enterprises that seek to intentionally hire those in poverty and address related social and environmental challenges in Lancaster. We do this by assisting low-income entrepreneurs with business education, technical assistance, credit-building microloans, and peer business networking. We provide social enterprise education, technical assistance and grants through the Great Social Enterprise Pitch, a business planning competition for enterprises addressing social or environmental needs. We offer impact financing directly connected to creation of thriving-wage jobs and we offer an assessment tool in conjunction with B Lab, for businesses to measure their environmental and social performance in the community.


    ASSETS creates economic opportunity and cultivates entrepreneurial leadership to alleviate poverty and build vibrant, sustainable communities. For over 20 years, ASSETS has been committed to transforming our communities through business.

    Baker Tilly Virchow Krause Ally Type: Organization
    Madison, WI

    Baker Tilly Virchow Krause

    Contact Name: Terri Preston
    Phone Number:
    Category: Consultant
    Website: http://www.bakertilly.com/

    Services Offered:


    Barry Community Foundation Ally Type: Organization
    Hutchinson, MN

    Barry Community Foundation

    Contact Name: Bonnie S. Gettys
    Phone Number: 269.945.0526
    Category: Service Provider
    Website: https://www.barrycf.org

    Services Offered:

    Community Foundations better their communities by performing three basic functions:

    • Community Endowment Builder: Community Foundations collect contributions of all sizes from a wide range of individuals and organizations, pooling these contributions into an endowment that is managed and invested by a team of professionals working closely with the foundation’s board of trustees. The purpose of endowing the contributions is to guarantee their permanence and to maximize their earning potential.
    • Community Grantmaker: Income from the endowment is used to provide grants that support charitable, scientific, literary or educational programs and services.
    • Community Convener/Problem Solver: Because they are uniquely positioned as neutral, objective, independent entities, with only the community’s welfare at heart, community foundations are able to bring together broad based groups of individuals and organizations to identify community problems, then develop the community’s resources to address those problems.


    So what is the Barry Community Foundation? It is a partnership of endowed funds established by individuals and organizations. A Board of Trustees, comprised of local community leaders, invest the pooled endowments. Income is made available for grants that address charitable needs right here in YOUR community. Staff and trained volunteers monitor the grants to ensure fulfillment of the grant contract. The full circle of philanthropy is carried out to help and involve the people of Barry County to make a difference in their lives.

    Established in July of 1995, the Barry Community Foundation bridges community needs with donor interests, granting dollars to programs, projects and organizations that fit our vision, to be a trusted resource for positive change.

    Brightpoint Ally Type: Organization
    Fort Wayne, IN


    Contact Name: Sherry Early-Aden
    Phone Number:
    Category: CDFI
    Website: https://mybrightpoint.org/

    Services Offered:


    Build Healthy Places Network Ally Type: Organization
    San Francisco, CA

    Build Healthy Places Network

    Contact Name: Mia Kirk
    Phone Number: 415-590-3034
    Category: Nonprofit
    Website: http://www.buildhealthyplaces.org/

    Services Offered:

    Resources on the intersection of community development and health including MeasureUp, Jargon Buster, Community Close-Ups, and Crosswalk Magazine.


    Our Mission is to catalyze and support collaboration across the health and community development sectors, together working to improve low-income communities and the lives of people living in them.


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