• We provide opportunity in disinvested

  • areas that mainstream finance has left behind.


CDFIs and Opportunity Finance

CDFIs (community development financial institutions) work for financial, social, and political justice. Since 1973, these mission-driven financial institutions have served communities and individuals that mainstream finance sees as too risky or not credit worthy enough for financing. As community lenders, we work closely with the people and businesses in these disinvested areas and know that they want nothing more than the opportunity to succeed. The opportunity finance industry offers that chance. We believe in and provide opportunity. For all.

Learn more about CDFIs and opportunity finance.

Opportunity Finance Network

The leading national network of CDFIs, Opportunity Finance Network (OFN) shapes policy, conducts research, and creates partnership and programs that help our Members deliver high impact in financially stressed communities.

Our Members offer responsible financial products and services in all types of communities—urban, rural, suburban, and Native—across the U.S.

With our Members, investors, and partners, we connect communities to capital that creates jobs, supports small business, builds affordable housing, cultivates healthy food and energy efficiency, and promotes safe borrowing and lending.

Learn more about all OFN does and how we do it.

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