Meet Our Members and Allies

  • OFN Members and Allies work nationwide to provide access

  • to affordable, responsible financial products and services.

Meet Our Members

OFN Members are nearly 240 performance-oriented CDFIs that finance community businesses and individuals consumers, delivering both sound financial returns and real change.

Through 2015 OFN's network originated $48 billion in financing in urban, rural, and Native American communities. This financing has helped to create or maintain more than 1,044,000 jobs, start or expand nearly 191,000 businesses and microenterprises, and support the development or rehabilitation of nearly 1.5 million housing units and 9,800 community facility projects.

Visit our CDFI Coverage Map to see where these mission-driven investors are having an impact.

Read their Member Profiles for more about each CDFI and their successes.

Meet Our Allies

OFN Allies actively support OFN’s mission and the important work we do on behalf of the opportunity finance industry. CDFIs—including those that do not currently meet OFN’s Membership requirements—as well as individuals and organizations that are not CDFIs, are invited to become OFN Allies.

Visit our Ally Locator to see where these Allies are having an impact.

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